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Teenage Temptress Does a Striptease for Step-Daddy (A Wilde Mix)

Artist Song Buy
Pride Of Mind   Salome (1995)   buy on itunes
Glenn Close   Salome [from Sunset Boulevard] (1994)   buy on itunes
Kim Wilde   House Of Salome (1983)   buy on itunes
Afghan Whigs   John The Baptist (1998)   buy on itunes
Alice Cooper   King Herod's Song [from Jesus Christ Superstar] (1996)   buy on itunes
House Of Love   Salome (1988)   buy on itunes
John & Beverley Martyn   John The Baptist (1970)   buy on itunes
Stefan Waggershausen & Maria Conchita Alonso   Bienvenido A Salome (1997)   buy on itunes
Alisa Amor   Salome (2003)   buy on itunes
Old 97s   Salome (1997)   buy on itunes
Extrabreit  Salome (1982)   buy on itunes
Rod Cone Situation, The   Salome (2003)   buy on itunes
Fito Olivares y La Pura Sabrosura   La Gnera Salome (1992)   buy on itunes
Amr Diab   Habibi [remix] (1999)   buy on itunes
Shahin & Sepehr   Dance Of The Seven Veils (1995)   buy on itunes
Susan McKeown & The Chanting House   Salome (1996)   buy on itunes
Shawn Colvin   Back To Salome (1996)   buy on itunes
U2  SalomT [Zooromancer Mix] (1995)   buy on itunes
Patti Smith   Lo And Beholden (2000)   buy on itunes
Liz Phair   Dance Of The Seven Veils (1993)   buy on itunes
John Cale [vocals by Judy Nylon]   Dance Of The Seven Veils (1991)   buy on itunes
Die Laughing   Invocation (Salome's Dream) (1998)   buy on itunes


She did her famous dance in Galilee in 30 A.D., but
Mark's writeup
did not even call her by name. She finally got star billing 1862 years
later, in the play
by Wilde (that's Oscar, not Kim). Here are some songs
that tell the story, arranged roughly in narrative sequence.

1 and 22 are instrumental clips. 2 and 21 are narrative clips.
"Habibi" is an Egyptian pop song that is based (supposedly) on
the same
style of Middle Eastern dancing that inspired (supposedly)
Wilde to add the
seven veils trope to the story, where the number seven derives
(supposedly) from the seven stages of the descent of the Babylonian
goddess Ishtar into the underworld. (It's hard to know
fact from folklore.)
Liz's song
is not actually about the dance; it is an ingenious takeoff
on Salome's conversation with the severed head of John.

Of course, everyone knows that the REAL Dance of the Seven Veils
is the one in the Richard Strauss opera Salome.
There are no
operatic clips in the mix,
but the Extrabreit song is a pop version of the main
theme from the German operetta by Robert Stolz,
also titled Salome.

Patti Smith portrays Salome as a
calculating and powerful figure.
I wonder if that view is taking hold in Women's Studies departments
around the country.
It is certainly an update from the instruction-following
daughter in the New Testament or the obsessed
erotomaniac in Wilde and Strauss.


Date: 4/17/2004
This is fantastic.
Date: 4/18/2004
Wow. This is spectacular. More than just a mix of catchy tunes. Your liners put the whole thing together quite nicely. Without them the mix wouldn't have meant much to me (I knew nothing about Salome until reading your comments). Nice.
Nest of Vipers
Date: 4/18/2004
Ditto ThisIsPop. Wow.
Date: 4/18/2004
Ed - save a copy for me, will ya? - I think you are the resident biblical scholar here on the site. You're flooring me! After this I definitely can't go back to BOC for a while. Kudos on the theme and the related depth of knowledge. I want you're proposed French mix in our next trade as well. Best, Steve
joey de vivre
Date: 4/18/2004
Absolutely amazing work of musico-historical cultural scholarship. I mostly only knowe the Wilde-Beardsley Salome so would never have dreamed there was this much soundtrack for it. Maybe someday I can swap you something for this so I can hear these --(possibly all for the first time).
Date: 4/18/2004
Folks - many thanks to all for the comments. Indeed, Salome has inspired quite a bit of music, and I hope this mix does her justice.
Date: 4/25/2004
Believe it or not I was going to do a Salome Mix and abandoned it...glad I did because for once I cannot compete with this except for sndtrcks from Religous Epics! A really great job, Sir! A Mix Of The Week from me.
Date: 6/4/2004
Very nice. Great theme, and I like your execution--looks like a nice balance of tracks.
Date: 6/4/2006
Worth cutting off the head of St John the Baptist for!
Sister ZoT Jarvis
Date: 7/16/2006
This soundtrack is boss!
Date: 10/18/2006
This makes me happy in so many ways.
Date: 3/16/2007
Your mixes are amazing; both well-thought out and well-executed! Major props.

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