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Music To Confuse The Savage Beast

Artist Song Buy
Merzbow  Intro  buy on itunes
Ex Models  Pink Noise  buy on itunes
Mark Mothersbaugh  XP29  buy on itunes
Capillary Action  Mid-Coital Seizure  buy on itunes
Polysics  Peach Pie On The Beach  buy on itunes
Squaresonics  TENSOR  buy on itunes
Edgard Varese  Density 21.5  buy on itunes
Duane Eddy  Yep  buy on itunes
Dogbowl  South American Eye  buy on itunes
The Fatima Mansions  Nite Flights  buy on itunes
The Buggles  On TV  buy on itunes
OCCUPANT  Shockin' The Rage  buy on itunes
Erase Errata  Tongue Tied  buy on itunes
Tracy + The Plastics  At The Gold + Diamond Center  buy on itunes
King Missile III  Good Things  buy on itunes
Melt Banana  If It Is The Deep Sea, I Can See You There  buy on itunes
Raymond Scott  Cindy Electronium  buy on itunes
GADGETTO  One More Disapointment  buy on itunes
Bo Diddley  Say Man  buy on itunes
Frank Zappa  G-Spot Tornado [From "The Yellow Shark"]  buy on itunes


Made to send to a friend on LiveJournal as a thank you for the awesome Mix CD he sent me.
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lo-fi jr.
Date: 4/21/2004
This must prove I'm civilized `cause I dig these smooth sounds.
Date: 4/22/2004
Damn nice stuff. Very cool to see Raymond Scott and Edgar Varese on a mix. Especially along side a killer Bo Diddley pick and a great song from the Buggles that I haven't heard in 15 years. And I'll give a tip of the hat to anyone that includes a Fatima Mansions song. Mixtacular.
Date: 4/22/2004
I'm with the esteemed gentleman below me-exactly. Good stuff. I'm confused though.....
Date: 4/22/2004
p the swede
Date: 4/22/2004
what Muzag said (and the other guys too) and a mix including Mark Mothersbaugh are always cool with me
Date: 4/22/2004
Yummy. Love the Merzbow -> Ex Models, Varese -> Duane Eddy, Melt Banana -> Raymond Scott and Bo Diddley -> Zappa bits especially.
Rich Anderson
Date: 4/23/2004
Thanks folks!
Date: 7/1/2004
I missed this one when you originally posted - I'm glad I found it now - I'm liking this mass of sound.

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