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Guilty Pleasures

Artist Song Buy
Britney Spears  Toxic  buy on itunes
BeyoncT Knowles feat. Jay-Z  Crazy In Love  buy on itunes
Justin Timberlake  Rock Your Body  buy on itunes
50 Cent  In Da Club  buy on itunes
Eminem  Without Me  buy on itunes
Black Eyed Peas  Shut Up  buy on itunes
Sean Paul  Get Busy  buy on itunes
Outkast  Hey Ya  buy on itunes
No Doubt  It's My Life  buy on itunes
Kylie Minogue  Can't Get You Out Of My Head  buy on itunes
Junior Senior  Move Your Feet  buy on itunes
Ingrid  You Promised Me (Tu es foutu) - FRENCH VERSION  buy on itunes
Robbie Williams.  Rock DJ.  buy on itunes
Darkness  I Believe in a Thing Called Love  buy on itunes
OMC  How Bizarre  buy on itunes
Space  Female Of The Species  buy on itunes
Verve  Bittersweet Symphony  buy on itunes
Bloodhound Gang  Bad Touch  buy on itunes
Britney Spears  Toxic  buy on itunes


My sister and I have an unhealthy obsession with Britney Spears' "Toxic" (and don't act like you don't). This list, appropriately called "Guilty Pleasures," started from Britney and only got worse from there. *shakes head in shame*


Date: 4/30/2004
Nothing wrong with a bit of Junior Senior..always good to see!
Date: 4/30/2004
Toxic is everyone's guilty pleasure, but my albums by Space and the Verve are some of the best ones I have. (For Space, check out Tin Planet before Spiders.
Mister Jimbo
Date: 4/30/2004
I rated this 2 & 1/2 stars only because I couldn't rate it any lower.
Date: 4/30/2004
awesome awesome awesome. toxic is a lovely little blast isn't it? especially driving with the windows down so everyone knows it. this mix rules. (and don't feel guilty about any of it!)

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