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Classic Pop vol. 2

Artist Song Buy
David Bowie  Oh! You Pretty Things- 3:11  buy on itunes
Love  You Set the Scene- 6:49  buy on itunes
The Zombies  Brief Candles- 3:30  buy on itunes
Focus  Love Remembered- 2:50  buy on itunes
Clearlake  Trees in the City- 4:20  buy on itunes
Pink Floyd  Summer 68- 5:28  buy on itunes
Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach  I Still Have that Other Girl- 2:46  buy on itunes
Elliot Smith  Waltz #1- 3:23  buy on itunes
Quasi  Tomorrow You'll Hide- 2:20  buy on itunes
Caravan  The World is Yours- 3:41  buy on itunes
King Crimson (featuring Jon Anderson)  Prince Rupert Awakes- 2:40  buy on itunes
M83  Beauties Can Die- 4:00 (approx.)  buy on itunes


This is pretty short... But thus is pop music *bows head*
Some Obligatory Notes: The King Crimson cut is the first "movement" in the song Lizard, which is like 20 some minutes. I cut it off at around 2:40, but it was in the middle of flowing into the next song... sooo, to remedy that I got out my 'Fragile Yes' album, and taped the milisecond door slam at the end of "We Have Heaven"... that way, it flows really well into the M83 song. Its just a good way to cheat on mix tapes -when songs flow into the next on their CD... Break out a loud noise to bridge two cuts.

Also, this is intentionally 'simple' if you will... The only hidden gems are the Focus and Caravan songs. Both expremely accessible, and (especially the Caravan song) poppy as hell.


James Jackson
Date: 5/1/2004
Interesting selections here. For "classic" songs, you certainly picked some of the more obscure tunes by these artists. Good thinking.
Date: 5/2/2004
Great picks Dr..., really like the 2-4 tracks.
Martin Andersen
Date: 5/2/2004
Nice mix. I especially like the Love pick.

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