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this music will break your face vol. 3

Artist Song
shellac  prayer to god 
high on fire  hung, drawn and quartered 
mastodon  march of the fire ants 
the champs  guns in our schools 
lightning bolt  2 towers 
el-p  deep space 9mm 
mr. lif  iron helix 
off minor  the heat death of the universe 
ten grand  get out of my dojo 
mogwai  dial: revenge 
leonard cohen  avalanche 
husker du  diane 
unwound  go to dallas and take a left 
dirty three  dirty equation 
the rachel's   systems/layers 
the for carnation  moonbeams 
pelican  GW 
floor  tales of lolita 
fugazi  five corporations 
nirvana  very ape 




amateur cartographer
Date: 5/13/2004
This is such a fucked up mix...I like it.

El-P, Husker Du, and Mastodon are ace. As for Leonard Cohen...maybe?