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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

liquored up and rude

Artist Song Buy
jet  are you gonna be my girl  buy on itunes
sonic youth  100%  buy on itunes
offspring  hit that  buy on itunes
uma thurman  a few words from the bride  buy on itunes
shivaree  goodnight moon  buy on itunes
spacehog  in the meantime  buy on itunes
incubus  megalomaniac  buy on itunes
nickelback  figured you out  buy on itunes
jesus and mary chain  sugar ray  buy on itunes
rancid  time bomb  buy on itunes
seether featuring amy lee  broken  buy on itunes
linkin park  numb  buy on itunes
drain sth  klotera  buy on itunes
black crowes  remedy  buy on itunes
pixies  cactus  buy on itunes
smiths  a rush and a push and the land we stand on is ours  buy on itunes
stone roses  love spreads  buy on itunes
teenage fanclub  december  buy on itunes
xtc  pink thing  buy on itunes
darla hood  99% bullet proof  buy on itunes
nirvana  stay away  buy on itunes
g love and special sauce  cold beverage  buy on itunes


i hadn't made a mix for myself in a while so i decided to do some songs that i used to really like that i hadn't listened to in a while mixed with a few new songs. i hope that shivaree becomes huge. i saw them in a little club called fletchers (in baltimore) several years ago. they were opening for someone, i can't remember at the moment. i loved their singer and their uniqueness. i had almost forgotten about them until i saw kill bill vol 2. i have their first (and possibly only album) which i highly recommend. darla hood was another band i'd known about for a while. i saw them at cbgb in new york several years ago. as far as i know they only put out one album also but if you can track it down it's very good. i've always had a soft spot for the offspring. they are just so much fun. the seether song i put on because i love evanesence and amy lee sounds good singing with her boyfriend. the title came from a recent simpsons episode. lisa made that comment about homers' dispostion. let me know what you think of the mix.


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