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Belated Birthday Mix...To Myself

Artist Song Buy
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Date With The Night  buy on itunes
The Von Blondies  C'mon C'mon  buy on itunes
Beulah  Gravity's Bringing Us Down  buy on itunes
Portishead (Massive Attack)  Nobody Loves Me  buy on itunes
Bj÷rk  Bachelorette  buy on itunes
Ryan Adams  Come Pick Me Up  buy on itunes
Rufus Wainwright  Poses  buy on itunes
Chet Baker  My Funny Valentine  buy on itunes
Mogwai  Nick Drake  buy on itunes
The Unicorns  Sea Ghost  buy on itunes
The Shins  Pressed in a Book  buy on itunes
Air  Venus  buy on itunes
Sparklehorse  Sad And Beautiful World  buy on itunes
The Postal Service  This Place Is A Prison  buy on itunes
The Softies  Snow Like This  buy on itunes
Petula Clark  Downtown  buy on itunes
Jets to Brazil  Sweet Avenue  buy on itunes
Death Cab for Cutie  Title Track  buy on itunes
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Maps  buy on itunes
Gattaca soundtrack  The departure  buy on itunes


I discovered some of these songs through this site. Thanks people. So if it seems like it's all been done has. Anyway, a mix is to me, a very good birthday present. So seeing how nobody gave me one....


James Jackson
Date: 5/28/2004
Well, happy belated birthday. It looks like you got at least one good present.
Date: 5/28/2004
Hapyy B-Day! And isn't wonderful to be able to "steal" a good idea?
Huggy Bear
Date: 9/22/2004
This site is great for discovering music. And it doesn't matter if it's been done before if the present is appreciated.
Date: 12/10/2004
EVERY birthday should include Petula Clark's "Downtown" in some way, so you certainly did well for yourself. :) Nice mix.

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