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songs that might say too much; songs that say nothing at all

Artist Song Buy
aarktica  ocean  buy on itunes
randomnumber  until more june  buy on itunes
owen  nobody's nothing  buy on itunes
magnetophone  why stop when it feels so good  buy on itunes
american analog set  the wait  buy on itunes
manual  midnight is where the day begins  buy on itunes
audio explorations  park-n-ride  buy on itunes
carissa's wierd  they'll only miss you when you leave  buy on itunes
bogdan raczynski  my love i love (01)  buy on itunes
mirah  la familia  buy on itunes
blind mr. jones  regular disease  buy on itunes
superheroes  someone else  buy on itunes
certainly, sir  my bad  buy on itunes
pulseprogramming  largely long distance loves  buy on itunes
the one am radio  don't panic  buy on itunes
julie doiron  too much  buy on itunes
delta haymax  heartbreakers hearts  buy on itunes
jason anderson  so long  buy on itunes
alsace lorraine  the girl from roanoke  buy on itunes
southpacific  round (forget what you feel)  buy on itunes


so...i dated this guy who wasn't entirely honest with me about a lot of things, namely the fact that not only did he do drugs, but he does a pretty hard one, as well as the fact that he was in love with someone else. what an awesome one-two punch! because i was still enamoured with the person i thought he was, i made him this mix. the theme is being torn between not wanting to like someone and not being able to help liking that person. i got over it. he got an awesome mix out of it though. completed on 09 april 2004.
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white monkey
Date: 6/1/2004

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