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What Destination...?

Artist Song Buy
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci  The Man With Salt Hair  buy on itunes
Lemonjelly  Nice Weather for Ducks  buy on itunes
Cloudhead / Boards of Canada  Two Dead Dogs  buy on itunes
Dntel  Little Victories  buy on itunes
Matmos  The Struggle Against Unreality Begins  buy on itunes
Hope of the States  Angels Over Kilburn  buy on itunes
Giardini Di Mir=  The Comforting of a Transparent Life  buy on itunes
Hope of the States  The Last Picture Show  buy on itunes
Giardini Di Mir=  Give Ground / Revolution On Your Pins  buy on itunes
Sigur R=s  Big [live]  buy on itunes
ASMZ  ..Could've Moved Mountains [live]  buy on itunes
Radiohead  Big Ideas (first mix)  buy on itunes
Geoff Farina  Dries  buy on itunes
Gravenhurst  The Diver  buy on itunes


Just a mix I made with songs I've been wanting to compile on a mix for a couple weeks. quite a pleasing flow of sorts.

I divided them up just by sound sort've; I found I cannot deviate from the sectioned off mix style or else it's not a good mix. I (1-5), II (6-11), III (12-14).

Art, as usual, must I say it? ..explodingdog. I just find it amusing going by the title.
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