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Pirates vs. Ninjas

Artist Song Buy
Sifl & Olly  Ninja of the Night  buy on itunes
MST3K  Master Ninja Theme Song  buy on itunes
Muppet Treasure Island  Professional Pirate  buy on itunes
AFI  This Secret Ninja  buy on itunes
Reliant K  the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything  buy on itunes
Vanilla Ice  Ninja Rap  buy on itunes
Aquabats  Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates  buy on itunes
Carl Douglas  Kung Fu Fighting (techno remix)  buy on itunes
Captain Tractor  the Last Saskatchewan River Pirate  buy on itunes
Europe  Ninja  buy on itunes
Jimmy Buffett  A Pirate Looks at Forty  buy on itunes


I originally wanted to do a Ninja Mix to compliment the Pirate Mix, but I couldn't find enough ninja-related songs, so I settled for this instead.


Date: 6/18/2004

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