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The Proper Care & Feeding Of Your Inner Hippie [2 cdr]

Side A
Artist Song Buy
The Youngbloods  Get Together  buy on itunes
Grateful Dead  Doin' That Rag  buy on itunes
Kaleidoscope (US)  Please  buy on itunes
Moby Grape  Hey Grandma  buy on itunes
It's A Beautiful Day  White Bird  buy on itunes
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band  Shifting Sands  buy on itunes
Jefferson Airplane  Martha  buy on itunes
Donovan  Mellow Yellow  buy on itunes
Country Joe & The Fish  Rockin' Round The World  buy on itunes
Love  Your Friend And Mine  buy on itunes
Spirit  Fresh Garbage  buy on itunes
Grateful Dead  Cream Puff War  buy on itunes
The Byrds  Wasn't Born To Follow  buy on itunes
Steve Miller Band  Going To The Country  buy on itunes
Moby Grape  Ain't No Use  buy on itunes
Thunderclap Newman  Something In The Air  buy on itunes
Santana  Shades Of Time  buy on itunes
Simon & Garfunkel  Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine  buy on itunes
Procol Harum  A Whiter Shade Of Pale  buy on itunes
Crosby Stills Nash & Young  Woodstock  buy on itunes
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band  Roger The Rocket Ship  buy on itunes
Traffic  You Can All Join In  buy on itunes
Side B
Buffalo Springfield  For What It's Worth  buy on itunes
Grateful Dead  Casey Jones  buy on itunes
Country Joe & The Fish  I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag  buy on itunes
Moby Grape  8:05  buy on itunes
Big Brother & The Holding Company  Piece Of My Heart  buy on itunes
Steve Miller Band  Kow Kow  buy on itunes
Spirit  So Little Time To Fly  buy on itunes
Kaleidoscope (US)  Brother Mary  buy on itunes
The Monkees  Do I have To Do This All Over Again  buy on itunes
The Pretty Things  In The Square  buy on itunes
Jefferson Airplane  We Can Be Together  buy on itunes
The Band  The Weight  buy on itunes
Love  A House Is Not A Motel  buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  Rainy Day Women #12 & 35  buy on itunes
The Youngbloods  Darkness, Darkness  buy on itunes
The Byrds  Ballad Of Easy Rider  buy on itunes
Kaleidoscope (US)  To Know Is Not To Be  buy on itunes
Pink Floyd  Crumbling Land  buy on itunes
Spirit  Why Can't I Be Free  buy on itunes
Jimi Hendrix  Castles Made Of Sand  buy on itunes
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band  Delicate Fawn  buy on itunes
Country Joe & The Fish  Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine  buy on itunes
The Doors  The Crystal Ship  buy on itunes
Blues Image  Ride Captain Ride  buy on itunes


Late '60's peace & love & drugs thing goin' on here, mostly West Coast, but a bit from all over. Plus The Monkees. Mostly avoided the overtly psychedelic tracks, saving some of the headier tunes for another, more thoroughly headphone-friendly mix. Gave me a chance to pick up some San Francisco bands I'd been less familiar with (i.e. Country Joe, Kaleidoscope -- the US one, not the UK band of the same name). Dig and groove.
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Mo Twang!
Date: 6/24/2004
Lots of my old favorites are here. This looks great!
Date: 6/24/2004
Another nice one!
The Misfit
Date: 6/24/2004
Some wonderful picks here!
Date: 6/24/2004
Lot's of classics. Good stuff!
Franklin Onn12
Date: 6/24/2004
Far out, man! Really love the Spirit picks. What a great band they were. And all the rest too including, dare I say it, the Doors! This really feeds my inner hippie!
Date: 6/24/2004
a real who's who of hippiedom. really dig the spirit, moby grape, wcpaeb, and love pics especially
lipstick vogue
Date: 6/24/2004
I wasn't aware I had an inner hippie, but I do rather like this mix. There go my punk points.
Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 6/24/2004
Power to the people, raht on!
Nicholas Vegas
Date: 6/24/2004
That sounds like the SoundTrack of my Favorite CHEECH & CHONG Movies

Great stuff on it

Nest of Vipers
Date: 6/24/2004
Nice. Love that Monkees tune.
Date: 6/24/2004
I dig, and it's groovy, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
Date: 6/24/2004
My inner hippie is lighting up in honor of this fine mix. Diggin' the WCPAEB, Traffic and Moby especially.
Date: 6/24/2004
Good stuff.
Date: 6/24/2004
You pretty much got this era covered! Good Job!
Rob Conroy
Date: 6/24/2004
I have to admit that I like just about all of this stuff. Nice job, Marc.
sport !
Date: 6/24/2004
I just heard that Love song a few hours ago....
really, really great mix!
Date: 6/25/2004
Aaaaah.... the soundtrack of my youth. All great picks.
Date: 6/25/2004
Wow, lots of work and lots of thought here - very nice! While it's a close call, I especially like the second disc.
p the swede
Date: 6/26/2004
What Rob said
James Jackson
Date: 6/26/2004
In celebration of this mix, I'm breaking out my inner bong.
Date: 6/26/2004
Date: 7/2/2004
i absolutely love this.
DJ Karen Adams
Date: 4/14/2007
The Weight is one of my favourites. Nice mix!

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