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They Have A Secret Kiss That I Wanna Know (for Alyssa)

Artist Song Buy
lullabye for the working class  good morning  buy on itunes
rasputina  rose k.  buy on itunes
american analog set  the postman  buy on itunes
christopher o'riley  bulletproof (radiohead cover)  buy on itunes
golden smog  ill fated  buy on itunes
sparklehorse  more yellow birds  buy on itunes
zero 7  I have seen  buy on itunes
john wesley harding  wrong about everything  buy on itunes
treble charger  ever she flows  buy on itunes
grant lee phillips  humankind  buy on itunes
smashing pumpkins  once in awhile  buy on itunes
gomez  free to run  buy on itunes
elbow  red  buy on itunes
butterglory  jinxed  buy on itunes
idlewild  live in a hiding place  buy on itunes
azure ray  new year  buy on itunes
mary lou lord  his indie world  buy on itunes
deathray  10:15  buy on itunes
liars academy  sell me a minute  buy on itunes
ryan adams  halloween  buy on itunes


mix one of two for the lovely Alyssa (chongo). another disc to follow. a big thanks goes out to Michael K., Zach, and Emilio for some of these tracks. title is from the American Analog Set track. just a nice, mellow simple mix for a warm summer day. enjoy!


Date: 6/28/2004
I was really gonna try and wait and be surprised, but surprises are overrated. Eee! That's my girly squeal. I am SO excited to get this! <3
Date: 7/24/2004
Miss Abigail this looks fantastic! I bet it has a chewy chocolate center. Oh how I've missed your mixes!
Brave Little Toaster
Date: 8/17/2004
how did i miss this? loves it. nice to see a butterglory track too.

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