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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

Scavenger Hunt

Artist Song Buy
Phantom Planet  California  buy on itunes
Butch Walker  All Falls Apart  buy on itunes
Del Amitri  Roll To Me  buy on itunes
Modest Mouse  Float On  buy on itunes
Jamie Cullum  All At Sea  buy on itunes
Taking Back Sunday  This Photograph Is Proof  buy on itunes
Fastball  Lou-ee, Lou-ee  buy on itunes
311  First Straw  buy on itunes
Beastie Boys  Ch-Check It Out  buy on itunes
Switchfoot  Meant To Live  buy on itunes
Incubus  Talk Shows On Mute  buy on itunes
McFly  Obviously  buy on itunes
Phoenix  Everything Is Everything  buy on itunes
Zack Hexum  I Met A Girl  buy on itunes
The Ordinary Boys  Talk Talk Talk  buy on itunes
Morrissey  First of the Gang To Die  buy on itunes
Dido  Don't Leave Home  buy on itunes
The Stills  Changes Are No Good  buy on itunes
Chronic Future  Time & Time Again  buy on itunes
Neil Finn  She Will Have Her Way  buy on itunes


This is as the title may suggest, a scavenger hunt CD. Someone came up with the criteria for me, and I met them. And this was the resulting mix. Very weird, but interesting... Here's the template if you wish to use it.

1.) The opening theme to your favorite TV show.
2.) The last song you listened to all the way through.
3.) Turn the radio on your favorite station, and use the first song they play. (Feel free to switch to another station if they take too long for commercials.)
4.) What song are they playing on MTV, in the background, video, or otherwise? (Not including commercials.)
5.) What song are they playing on VH1, in the background, video, or otherwise? (Not including commercials.)
6.) A song (your choice) from the last movie (off the soundtrack) you saw in theaters.
7.) A song (your choice) from a CD that came out in the last 30 days, that you thoroughly enjoyed.
8.) Current song from your favorite band. (If your favorite band doesn't have a current song, use your second favorite.)
9.) Favorite "current" rap song. (If you don't have one or can't think of one, use a "current" song you like from another genre you don't listen to much.)
10.) Check the Billboard Hot 100 list, or any of their other singles charts (your choice on which), and use a song that's in the position that is the same as your age. (I.E. if you're 19, use a song that's at number 19, duh.)
11.) Current song by the band you first saw live. (If this does not apply, use the one you last saw live.)
12.) Favorite "current" song that's popular in another country, but not here. (If this does not apply, use your favorite "current" indie song. I'll leave the definition of "indie" to you.)
13.) Song from a forthcoming CD that you are (at least somewhat) excited about.
14.) Favorite song from a new band that only has one album out.
15.) Last song you downloaded/streamed/listened to online.
16.) One of your relatives (one of the cool ones) favorite "current" song.
17.) Current song from a band you want to see live the most right now.
18.) Your best friends favorite "current" song.
19.) Someone you only know online's favorite "current" song.
20.) A song you heard for the very first time today.


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