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CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

i had a dream as vast as you

Artist Song Buy
lamb  what sound  buy on itunes
i love you but i've chosen darkness  black mouth  buy on itunes
tv on the radio  ambulance  buy on itunes
modest mouse  sleepwalking  buy on itunes
blonde redhead  for the damaged  buy on itunes
mogwai  tracy  buy on itunes
the reindeer section  will you please be there for me  buy on itunes
clint mansell feat. the kronos quartet  ghosts of things to come  buy on itunes
dear nora  as vast as you  buy on itunes
mum  there is a number of small things  buy on itunes
slow reader  perfect  buy on itunes
my bloody valentine  sometimes  buy on itunes
slowdive  here she comes  buy on itunes
bob dylan  lay, lady, lay  buy on itunes
sigur ros  smeshifa (1)  buy on itunes
sigur ros  smeshifa (2)  buy on itunes
a silver mt. zion  could've moved mountains  buy on itunes
noriko tujiko  white film  buy on itunes
smashing pumpkins  said sadly  buy on itunes


music for late night driving or falling asleep.
or a particular girl in another state.
soon to be followed by a early morning waking up mix.
image for mix


Date: 7/3/2004
sic transit gloria
Date: 7/3/2004
i still think this is the best one of all.
Jay B
Date: 7/3/2004
Would you want to trade or make me a copy of this? Please?
Date: 7/3/2004
the cover art is very nice as well as this mix. I think mixes made for sleep are the best.
Fall Semester
Date: 7/3/2004
Wow. I would love to trade with you. I love the cover art.
this is a recording
Date: 7/4/2004
oops, totally the wrong cover art. that's the cover for an american analog set mix i made. i'll try to find a picture of the proper cover art soon enough.

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