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I love the 90's

Artist Song Buy
The Wallflowers  One Headlight  buy on itunes
Len  Steel my sunshine  buy on itunes
Hootie and the Blowfish  I only want to be with you  buy on itunes
Everclear  I will buy you a new life  buy on itunes
Gin Blossoms  Hey jealousy  buy on itunes
Marcy Playground  Sex and candy  buy on itunes
Shawn Mullins  Lullaby  buy on itunes
Blues Traveler  Run around  buy on itunes
Sister Hazel  All for you  buy on itunes
Toad and the wet sproket  All I want  buy on itunes
Spin Doctors  Two Princes  buy on itunes
Counting Crows  Mr. Jones  buy on itunes
Sheryl Crow  All I wanna do  buy on itunes
Blessed union of souls  She likes me for me  buy on itunes
U2  One  buy on itunes
Third Eye blind  Semi Charmed life  buy on itunes
Semisonic  Closing time  buy on itunes
Blind melon  No rain  buy on itunes
Ben Folds Five  Steve's last night in town  buy on itunes
Cardigans  Lovefool  buy on itunes


Random 90's tracks I have on a Cd. Whenever I make a 90's mix Cd One headlight always has to start it off such a good opening song. Also has the infamous Mr. Jones (yea I sing along in the car to when it comes on) and other songs that the radio played to death.


Date: 7/9/2004
i love this. all the songs just make me smile. especially "two princes" - that was voted my senior class' favorite song.
audrey a
Date: 7/9/2004
Wonderful mix! I would LOVE to have a copy!
Date: 7/9/2004
Ah good memories! Awesome mix!
dope sick girl
Date: 7/9/2004
this is great... sigh... good times indeed
Jackie Treehorn
Date: 7/10/2004
a lot of really nice picks. some tracks i compiled very similar as acoustic versions on my "Treehorn Acoustic Sessions".
i love the blessed union of souls tune!
lipstick vogue
Date: 7/10/2004
I find it very kick-ass that you chose "Steven's Last Night in Town" as opposed to "Brick". Awesome job.

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