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CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

Dorokeith: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Artist Song Buy
Dave Matthews  Where Are You Going?  buy on itunes
Randy Newman  Short People  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Something (Alternate Version)  buy on itunes
The Cure  Just Like Heaven  buy on itunes
Paul McCartney  Maybe I'm Amazed  buy on itunes
Mandy Patinkin & Bernadette Peters  Move On (from Sunday in the Park with George)  buy on itunes
Ben Folds  The Luckiest  buy on itunes
George Gershwin  Rhapsody in Blue  buy on itunes
The Pixies  La La Love You  buy on itunes
Oasis  Wonderwall  buy on itunes
Paul McCartney  Oo You  buy on itunes
Dave Matthews Band  When the World Ends  buy on itunes
A Perfect Circle  The Nurse Who Loved Me  buy on itunes
The Beatles  All My Lovin'  buy on itunes
The Cure  Lovesong  buy on itunes
The Church  Under the Milky Way  buy on itunes
Dave Matthews Band  Crush  buy on itunes


This is the mix of love-type songs I made for my girlfriend, Dorothy, and myself. It's supposed to be the soundtrack to our relationship. I know. It's a cheesy subject. I went through five versions in 3 weeks before I decided it was good enough to call complete. The only songs that didn't change form or position throughout the whole process were tracks 1, 2, and 17.
Some Notes:
I love the transition between tracks 8 and 9. La La Love You starts with a loud drum solo without warning. You can pretty much put it in behind any song and get a good effect, but I liked the juxtaposition of Classic Jazz Standard and Seminal Grunge Rock.

I HAD to put Lovesong and Under the Milky Way next to each other, because they have nearly the exact same chord progression. Plus, the tempo and strumming pattern are exactly the same. It all runs together so smoothly that it's like listening to the same song. When I'm playing them on my guitar, sometimes I go from the verse of one into the chorus of the other or vice versa.
...I'm having too much fun with this.


Date: 7/14/2004
Nice collection of artists - I love both the Cure tracks

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