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CD | Theme - Narrative
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

and if i sweat salt and the earth sweats heat...

Artist Song Buy
am/fm  time flows much more slowly this way  buy on itunes
sufjan stevens  for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti  buy on itunes
belle and sebastian  we rule the school  buy on itunes
sparklehorse  maria's little elbows  buy on itunes
marmoset  torn cup fly up above  buy on itunes
devendra banhart  michigan state  buy on itunes
the microphones  the glow  buy on itunes
the beatles  norwegian wood (this bird has flown)  buy on itunes
the shins  the celibate life  buy on itunes
simon and garfunkle  i am a rock  buy on itunes
modest mouse  manic depressive named laughing boy  buy on itunes
mirah  look up!  buy on itunes
neutral milk hotel  gardenhead/leave me alone  buy on itunes
the sunshine fix  that ole sun  buy on itunes
the decemberists  my mother was a chinese trapeze artist  buy on itunes
joanna newsom  the sprout and the bean  buy on itunes
elliott smith  bottle up and explode!  buy on itunes
built to spill  terrible/perfect  buy on itunes
this busy monster  the curious sofa  buy on itunes
saturday looks good to me  bright green gloves  buy on itunes


this is the mix i would listen to while knitting, if i knew how to knit. instead, it will have do for getting high and playing super nintendo.


hello gentlemen
Date: 7/20/2004
*high five* nicely done, kiddo.

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