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Fade Into You

Artist Song Buy
They Might Be Giants  Birdhouse In Your Soul  buy on itunes
Suzanne Vega  Tom's Diner  buy on itunes
The La's  There She Goes  buy on itunes
Blind Melon  No Rain  buy on itunes
Blues Traveler  Hook  buy on itunes
Smashing Pumpkins  1979  buy on itunes
Everclear  Santa Monica  buy on itunes
Frank Black  Los Angelas  buy on itunes
Veruca Salt  Seether  buy on itunes
Sponge  Molly  buy on itunes
Goo Goo Dolls  Long Way Down  buy on itunes
Toadies  Possum Kingdom  buy on itunes
Wheatus  Teenage Dirtbag  buy on itunes
The Flaming Lips  She Don't Use Jelly  buy on itunes
Nada Surf  Popular  buy on itunes
Butthole Surfers  Pepper  buy on itunes
Harvey Danger  Flagpole Sitta  buy on itunes
Blur  Song 2  buy on itunes
Mazzy Star  Fade Into You  buy on itunes
Big Head Todd & The Monsters  Bittersweet  buy on itunes


90s nostalgia and 21st century technology. Title inspired by the fact that I've seen Fade Into You on a lot of mixes here and I've remembered how much I enjoy that song, but I didn't own it. So I downloaded it and while I was at I downloaded all these 90s songs that I loved but never owned. My first major foray into the world of Kazaa. I feel so guilty. This would have been a great mix if I was a 18 year old in 96 again. Oh well...
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Date: 7/25/2004
You must have joined BMG the same time I did. Really though, the nostalgia is palpable.
Date: 7/26/2004
Well given your state of nostalgia and the fruits of your labour, I can tell you're around the same age as me. Great choices all, esp. "Teenage Dirtbag" (thanks by the way, I'll be singin' that all week now). Cheers! -Famous.

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