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The Name Remains the Same

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Steely Dan  Deacon Blue  buy on itunes
Smiths  Shakespeare's Sister  buy on itunes
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band  Death Cab for Cutie  buy on itunes
Roxy Music  Ladytron  buy on itunes
Talking Heads  Radio Head  buy on itunes
Leonard Cohen  Sisters of Mercy  buy on itunes
Tim Buckley  Starsailor  buy on itunes
Morrisey  The Ordinary Boys  buy on itunes
Bob Dylan  John Wesley Harding  buy on itunes
Bing Crosby  Deep Purple  buy on itunes
Side B
Deacon Blue  Real Gone Kid  buy on itunes
Shakespeare's Sister  Stay  buy on itunes
Death Cab for Cutie  State St. Residential  buy on itunes
Ladytron  He Took Her To A Movie  buy on itunes
Radiohead  Fake Plastic Trees  buy on itunes
Sisters of Mercy  I Was Wrong  buy on itunes
Starsailor  Four to The Floor  buy on itunes
The Ordinary Boys  Over The Counter Culture  buy on itunes
John Wesley Harding  Same Piece of Air  buy on itunes
Deep Purple  When A Blind Man Cries  buy on itunes


I thought this might have already been done on AOTM - but I couldn't find any examples... perhaps you know better? A work in progess - comments and further suggestions welcomed. e.g. I would have included the Be Good Tanyas but couldn't trace the Obo Martin track...Oh, ... and picky-picky, pedantic points of minute detail about the Talkingheads/Radio Head and Dylan/JWH choices also welcome...

thanks to John Widdop for further suggestions
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Date: 7/26/2004
I'm so confused. Nicely done!
Date: 7/26/2004
oooh, good idea!
Date: 7/26/2004
Interesting. Some links here I didn't know before.
john widdop
Date: 7/27/2004
Do the band have to have knowingly taken their name from the song? I can only think of Dark Star, the Blood Brothers, The Ordinary Boys, Bright Eyes and The Stars of Track and Field. I'm sure there are more xxx
Date: 7/29/2004
Interesting concept. Let's see there's the NZ band Garageland, named after the Clash song. There's also Tiger Trap, a fine all-girl band named after a Beat Happening song. Hope this helps!
Date: 7/29/2004
Whoops, guess my first suggestions were redundant. OK, how about Slipknot, presumably after the Grateful Dead song, and Pacer, after the Amps song. Pacer (the band) is not well known but I noticed them on insound.com.
Date: 8/2/2004
oh! I so did not know that Starsailor was named after a Tim Buckley tune. right on.
Date: 8/15/2004
Good stuff here. I'm working on something similar but not the same. I'm using Excel to keep track. It's a wrap around where a song references a band, knowingly or not. It can be something as straightforward as Cake's Frank Sinatra, which obviously references Sinatra the singer, or Frank Sinatra's song Chicago, which he's not referencing the band since they weren't together when it was written. Anyone happen to know of a mix like this?
Date: 8/17/2004
Blonde Redhead - Suimasen and Suimasen - Brother

Sonic Youth - Eric's trip and Eric's trip - Hurt

Sugarcubes - dEUS does not exist and dEUS - suds and soda
Date: 8/17/2004
from the website: http://www.heathenworld.com/bandname/ "ROLLING STONES - From the MUDDY WATERS song "Rolling Stone". The name was suggested by Brian Jones."
Date: 7/3/2005
Probably doesn't quite qualify, but "Strange Fruit" by Billie Holliday inspired a fake band for the movie "Still Crazy" and a few others..
Date: 7/3/2005
From the site nashman posted:
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - This classic late 70's band called themselves THE FAST until they heard about the New York band with the same name. Band member Jake Burns had to think of a name fast for the sake of a newspaper ad. He was looking at the new (in 1977) LONDON GIRLS single by the VIBRATORS and saw the song STIFF LITTLE FINGERS on the B-Side. Source: This 1997 interview with the band.

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