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I Wanna Be Your Dog

Artist Song Buy
Carnie & Brian Wilson  Fantasy Is Reality/Bells of Madness  buy on itunes
Chris Isaak  I'm Not Waiting  buy on itunes
Willie Nelson  Just Dropped In ( To See What Condition,,,)  buy on itunes
Izzy Stradlin & The JuJu Hounds  Somebody Knockin  buy on itunes
Neil Young  Downtown  buy on itunes
Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul  Inside Of Me  buy on itunes
Dire Straits  Brothers In Arm  buy on itunes
John Lennon  I'm Losing You  buy on itunes
Beck   Lost Cause  buy on itunes
The Eagles  Peaceful Easy Feeling  buy on itunes
Kris Kristofferson & Jackson Browne  Me & Bobby McGee  buy on itunes
Grateful Dead   I Know You Rider  buy on itunes
Jason & The Scorchers  Absolutely Sweet Marie  buy on itunes
Uncle Tupelo   I Wanna Be Your Dog  buy on itunes
Gram Parson  Ooh Las Vegas  buy on itunes
NRBQ  Flat Foot Flewzy  buy on itunes
Cheap Trick   If You Want My Love  buy on itunes
Wilco   At My Window Sad and Lonely  buy on itunes
Evan Dando  Frying Pan  buy on itunes
Beach Boys  God Only Knows  buy on itunes


Kind of a "house cleaning mix." I retired a bunch of old mixes that were made randomly. I decided to go pack an pick off the songs that fit better together & that I liked most. Brian Wilson bookends was kind of accidental.


lipstick vogue
Date: 8/11/2004
Ah, the bookends are nice, and I also enjoy the John Lennon, Beck, and Cheap Trick picks. Great job!
Date: 8/11/2004
Very nice Stuff!
Date: 8/12/2004
I too dig the bookends, "God Only Knows" is one of the best tunes ever to close a mix with. Gotta give you props for using "Downtown" by Neil Young, since I haven't heard that tune in forever. Here's how much things have changed in nine years- I remember watching the video for that song on Much Music. Can you imagine Much playing a Neil Young video nowadays? I'm sure it would go great on M.O.D, put it in a vote-o-matic with Ashlee Simpson and Usher...no? Cheers! -Famous.

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