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CD | Alternative - College Rock
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Just Like Honey

Artist Song Buy
PJ Harvey  C'mon Billy  buy on itunes
The Pixies  Vamos  buy on itunes
Red Hot Chilli Peppers  Breaking The Girl  buy on itunes
Dismemberment Plan  8 1/2 Minutes  buy on itunes
Jesus And Mary Chain  Just Like Honey  buy on itunes
Jamiroquai  Cosmic Girl  buy on itunes
N.E.R.D.  Rock Star  buy on itunes
Sonic Youth  Silver Rocket  buy on itunes
Led Zepplain  Tangerine  buy on itunes
The Replacements  I Will Dare  buy on itunes
Stephen Malkmus  Discretion Grove  buy on itunes
Pearl Jam  God's Dice  buy on itunes
Radiohead  Idioteque  buy on itunes
Greyboy ft. Karl Denson  Greyboy's Groove  buy on itunes
Outkast  B.O.B.  buy on itunes
Madonna  Candy Perfume Girl  buy on itunes
Beck  Beercan  buy on itunes
Supertramp  Goodbye Stranger  buy on itunes
Fatboy Slim  Acid 8000  buy on itunes


Another clearing house mix - a collection of songs from some old mixes. Kind of all over the place, but what ever.


avant gardening
Date: 8/18/2004
wow, one of my favorite sonic youth tracks sharing a cd with jamiroquai, oh the blasphemy, the blasphemy..

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