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Power Abuse - Fuck The Police

Artist Song Buy
Body Count  Cop Killer  buy on itunes
Leftover Crack  Gang Control  buy on itunes
N.W.A  Fuck The Police  buy on itunes
The Business  Breaking The Law  buy on itunes
Alkaline Trio  Cop  buy on itunes
A Global Threat  Stop The Violence  buy on itunes
The Adicts  Viva La Revolution  buy on itunes
Kid Dynamite  Cop Out  buy on itunes
Oxymoron  The Pigs  buy on itunes
The Unseen  Stand up and fight  buy on itunes
Public Enemy  911 Is A Joke  buy on itunes
Choking Victim  Crack Rock Steady  buy on itunes
Cockney Rejects  Police Car  buy on itunes
Anti-Flag  Police Story  buy on itunes
Anti-Flag  Police State In The U.S.A.  buy on itunes
Leftover Crack  One Dead Cop  buy on itunes
Defiance  Police Oppression  buy on itunes
MDC  Millions of dead cops  buy on itunes
Suicidal Tendencies  Fascist Pig  buy on itunes


Self-explanatory. I might be making a second disc. I have tons of more songs.


Date: 8/19/2004
Yeah, yeah, yeah, right on ... but who you gonna call when your home gets turned over or you get mugged? A geriatric punk band? An ICF wannabe? The S1Ws? Eazy E?

Obviously Ice T will be too busy playing a copper on Law And Order to help you out.

And the very idea of aligning racist white Oisters with PE is risible.

Common sense? There ain't no effin' common sense!
avant gardening
Date: 8/19/2004
ooh, you just got served.
Date: 8/20/2004
OOC, Why Anti-Flag's "police story" and not Black Flag's?
Date: 8/20/2004
PradaMeinhof - too bad the mix was just for fun.
lipstick vogue
Date: 8/21/2004
I like the way you mixed in the rap with the punk. Props for the Unseen, Anti-Flag, and Alkaline Trio picks.

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