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If I Had to Do It All Again, I Wouldn't

Artist Song Buy
Jets to Brazil  Empty Picture Frame  buy on itunes
Velvet Underground & Nico  Femme Fatale  buy on itunes
Spoon  Everything Hits at Once  buy on itunes
Blur  This Is a Low  buy on itunes
Nada Surf  Inside of Love  buy on itunes
Brand New  Soco Amaretto Lime  buy on itunes
Josh Rouse  Feeling No Pain  buy on itunes
Sarah Harmer  Go to Sleep  buy on itunes
Beck  Guess I'm Doing Fine  buy on itunes
Calexico  Service and Repair  buy on itunes
Alkaline Trio  Blue in the Face  buy on itunes
Vonda Shepard  Venus Is Breaking  buy on itunes
Luna  Black Postcards   buy on itunes
Azure Ray  No Signs of Pain  buy on itunes
Damien Jurado  Halo Friendly  buy on itunes
Elvis Costello  Shipbuilding  buy on itunes
Sparklehorse  More Yellow Birds  buy on itunes
Elliott Smith  Pitseleh  buy on itunes


I was in a boys-with-guitars mood when I made this (although there are some girls with guitars, too). That's not entirely what this mix consists of, but there's lots of that. It's for Kerry, who seems to be in boys-with-guitars moods often, too. Thanks to Scott, Frank, Zach, Jill, and Abs. Title from the Luna song.


Date: 8/24/2004
It's a shame I didn't contribute to such a lovely mix!!! But I have already contributed to many of your lovely mixes so I guess I can't have everything! =) This looks fantastic!! Nice mixing as always!!
lipstick vogue
Date: 8/24/2004
Nice mix, as per usual. I'm digging the Alkaline Trio and Elvis Costello picks. Great job!
Date: 9/1/2004
i have returned! this looks good. but i would expect that from you :)
Brave Little Toaster
Date: 9/10/2004
Loves that Beck song and the whole thing really. PROPS.

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