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Some Days They Last Longer Than Others (2005 revision)

Artist Song Buy
Ryan Adams  Wonderwall (Oasis cover)  buy on itunes
Now It's Overhead  Wonderful Scar  buy on itunes
Reindeer Section  Cartwheels  buy on itunes
Rilo Kiley  With Arms Outstretched  buy on itunes
Belle & Sebastian  If She Wants Me  buy on itunes
Elliott Smith  Pictures Of Me  buy on itunes
Billy Bragg  Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards  buy on itunes
Son, Ambulance  A Book Laid On Its Binding  buy on itunes
Dave McCormack & The Polaroids  The Truth About Love  buy on itunes
Paloalto  Some Things Must Go This Way  buy on itunes
Azure Ray  November  buy on itunes
Sorry About Dresden  Sick And Soar  buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  One Foot In Front Of The Other  buy on itunes
Mojave 3  No Matter What You Do  buy on itunes
Promise Ring  Become One Anything At One Time  buy on itunes
Iron & Wine  Naked As We Came  buy on itunes
Jeff Buckley  I Want Someone Badly  buy on itunes
Jump, Little Children  Cathedrals  buy on itunes


a revised version of a mix I made awhile back for my best friend, taking off the original repeated songs and adding three other songs at the end. I used "Cathedrals" since I thought it served as a good intro to J,LC. something mellow with a lot borrowed from the Saddle Creek 50 compilation. hope Andrea (MoodyLady) enjoys this! to accompany my Harvest Of Song mix.


Armando De La Rocha
Date: 9/11/2004
Good mix.

Jeff Buckley and now Eliot Smith. Why the hell do they do it?
lusty kazoo
Date: 9/11/2004
wonderful stuff ... now you've gone & gotten arms outstretched stuck in my head though, bravo!
lipstick vogue
Date: 9/11/2004
very nice
Date: 9/12/2004
This looks absolutely outstanding!
Date: 9/13/2004
nice mojave 3 and belle & sebastian.
Date: 9/13/2004
Like the Billy Bragg & Elliot Smith picks especially.
Date: 9/13/2004
A fine looking mix!

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