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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ

The Albion Sails On Course.....

Artist Song Buy
The Ordinary Boys  Talk Talk Talk  buy on itunes
The Libertines  Time For Heroes (Live At The Rhythm Factory)  buy on itunes
The Rakes  22 Grand Job  buy on itunes
Art Brut  Formed A Band   buy on itunes
Bloc Party  Banquet  buy on itunes
The Others  How I Nearly Lost You  buy on itunes
Special Needs  Sylvia  buy on itunes
Neil's Children  How Does It Feel, Now You're On Your Own   buy on itunes
The Futureheads  Meantime  buy on itunes
Thee Unstrung  You  buy on itunes
BabyShambles  Killamangiro (Live At The Rhythm Factory)  buy on itunes
The Lams  Different 4 Me  buy on itunes
Razorlight  In The City  buy on itunes


For once it's a pretty good time to be english with the music thats coming out. And for once the NME are hyping bands that are actually good.


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