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I slammed the door, sorry...

Artist Song Buy
Less Than Jake  Johnny Quest thinks we're sellouts  buy on itunes
The Guilty Parties  My you've chaged  buy on itunes
The Taj Motel Trio  Rockstar  buy on itunes
Buck-o-Nine  Still remains  buy on itunes
Catch-22  Keasby Nights  buy on itunes
I Voted For Kodos  Shallow Grave  buy on itunes
Less Than Jake  Hell looks a lot like LA  buy on itunes
Mighty Mighty Bosstones  Haji  buy on itunes
Mighty Mighty Bosstones  Riot on Broad Street  buy on itunes
Mustard Plug  Mr. Smiley  buy on itunes
Planet Smashers  Repo man  buy on itunes
SkaDaddyZ  Hotel California  buy on itunes
Smokin' Roscoes  Ghetto booty  buy on itunes
Suicide Machines  Vans song  buy on itunes
The Skunks  YMCA  buy on itunes
Voodoo Glow Skulls  Orlando's not here  buy on itunes
Reel Big Fish  Beer  buy on itunes
No Value  You're what?  buy on itunes
Ska Shank Redemption  Nice white suits  buy on itunes
Special Disaster Team  Rusty  buy on itunes
Audio Visual Club  Come over  buy on itunes


This is my first mix since I moved to CSULB.
It's nothing special.
Enrique hasn't really heard ska so this I was thinking of that when I made this.
Yeah, I know...no first or second wave stuff.
I still need to get some first and second wave stuff, any help in that department?
I'm not sure if this flows all that well either, we'll see what you think.
image for mix


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