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The Crazy World Of Rev. Dan

Artist Song Buy
Jackie Morningstar  Rockin' In The Graveyard  buy on itunes
King Coleman  Alley Rat  buy on itunes
BBQ  Threw My Girl A Party  buy on itunes
Deadly Snakes  Pirate Cowboy  buy on itunes
Flying Circus  You Really Got Me  buy on itunes
Gamblers  Take A Look At Me  buy on itunes
Cheater Slicks  Can It Be  buy on itunes
New Bomb Turks  Veronica Lake  buy on itunes
The Boys  First Time  buy on itunes
Exploding Hearts  I'm A Pretender  buy on itunes
Teenage Head  ain't got no sense  buy on itunes
Spits  Spit Me Out  buy on itunes
Devo  Gates Of Steel  buy on itunes
The Ponys  Sad Eyes  buy on itunes
M.O.T.O  Magic Words  buy on itunes
The Little Bits  Girl Give Me Love  buy on itunes
Psycho Surgeons  Horizontal Action  buy on itunes
Urinals  Ack Ack Ack Ack  buy on itunes
Queers  I'm Useless  buy on itunes
Pack  Lookin For Danger  buy on itunes
10-4 Backdoor  Kick The Door Down  buy on itunes
Oblivians  I'm Not A Sicko There's A Plate In My Head  buy on itunes
Spaceshits  Bacon Grease  buy on itunes
Junkyard Dogs  Breakin' The Law  buy on itunes


Makin' comps is a way that I try to express myself to other people whether it be a great big middle finger if ya pissed me off or if I've got a crush on ya and I wanna slide some feelin's yer direction. Someone has entered my life recently and so I'm back into makin' comps for the crush. Enjoy...


Donnie Schnook
Date: 1/21/2005
All great tracks. If I was a girl I'd want you to have a lot of crushes on me. (see ya on the board)
jessica lynn
Date: 5/7/2008
wow. this mix was made for me, can't believe i didn't know it was on here. it's a great fuckin' mix, too.

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