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Playlist | Alternative - College Rock

We Can Never Be Born Enough

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Trademark  Interim  buy on itunes
Clinic  The Return Of Evil Bill  buy on itunes
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead  Baudelaire  buy on itunes
The Broken Family Band  The Mardi Gras Rescue Mission  buy on itunes
Catatonia  Lost Cat  buy on itunes
Ballboy  I Hate Scotland  buy on itunes
The Delgados  Coming In From The Cold  buy on itunes
Seafood  Heat Walks Against Me  buy on itunes
JJ72  Half Three  buy on itunes
Damien Jurado  Paperwings  buy on itunes
Hannah Wright  Plans And Friends And Records  buy on itunes
(Suki Bapswept  Blair/Queen Mother cutup)  buy on itunes
(Twisted Disco  The Weakest Link cutup)  buy on itunes
Side B
The Flaming Lips  Fight Test  buy on itunes
Stellastarr*  My Coco  buy on itunes
The Magnetic Fields  You And Me And The Moon  buy on itunes
Natalie Imbruglia  That Day  buy on itunes
Lambchop  It's Not Alright  buy on itunes
Morrissey  The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores (live)  buy on itunes
Blanche  Do You Trust Me?  buy on itunes
The Shins  Saint Simon  buy on itunes
The White Stripes  Look Me Over Closely  buy on itunes
Piney Gir  Greetings, Salutations, Goodbye  buy on itunes
Look After The Stick  I've Never Embraced A Washing Machine, However  buy on itunes
(RatsCocksAndBowlerHats  This Morning cutup)  buy on itunes
(  Rude Rainbow)  buy on itunes


A friend is long overdue a tape, and she's just gone to university, so it will be nice for her to get this and know someone cares. I think it's quite a good tape for Autumn, too. I wasn't too sure whether to have You And Me And The Moon or I Thought You Were My Boyfriend for The Magnetic Fields song, but went for the former because it's livelier and the chorus-type-bit is really ace, and because she's never heard it, but has heard ...Boyfriend. Also, the White Stripes song isn't their best at all, but she's a big fan and thus has all of their albums and will like to hear something she hasn't heard before. Yes. The bits in brackets are amusing things that I've come across (non sexually) at, and are made by geniuses. Flattery indeed. And finally, the title is an excerpt from an excerpt from ee cummings' introduction to his 'New Poems': "you and I are not snobs. We can never be born enough. We are human beings;for whom birth is a supremely welcome mystery,the mystery of growing:the mystery which happens only and whenever we are faithful to ourselves. You and I wear the dangerous looseness of doom and find it becoming. Life,for eternal us,is now;and now is much too busy being a little more than everything to seem anything,catastrophic included." If anyone can think of a suitable picture for the front cover, I'd be much obliged.


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