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CD | Theme - Depression

Bacardi Superior/Can't Take Your Bike on the T before 10 AM

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Bright Eyes/Neva Dinova  Black Comedy  buy on itunes
Amy Rigby  Cynically Yours  buy on itunes
Yo La Tengo  Autumn Sweater  buy on itunes
The Cranberries  Twenty One  buy on itunes
Black Tape for a Blue Girl  Shadow of a Doubt  buy on itunes
Pink Floyd  The Great Gig in the Sky  buy on itunes
Darkest Hour  Broken Wings  buy on itunes
Nico  The Fairest of the Seasons  buy on itunes
Gift Anon  Wanted More  buy on itunes
Sinombre  Bird Song  buy on itunes
Against Me!  Scream it Until You're Coughing Up Blood  buy on itunes
Coheed and Cambria  Cuts Marked in the March of Me  buy on itunes
Side B
Arab Strap  Pro- (your) Life  buy on itunes
Onelinedrawing  As Much to Myself as To You  buy on itunes
The Cranberries  Hollywood  buy on itunes
Across Five Aprils  Car Wrecks and Plane Crashes  buy on itunes
Sunny Day Real Estate  Rain Song  buy on itunes
Sun Kil Moon  Carry Me Ohio  buy on itunes
Son, Ambulance  Katie Come True  buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  I'll be Your Friend  buy on itunes
The Smiths  Half a Person  buy on itunes
Death Cab for Cutie  Tiny Vessels  buy on itunes


I made this mix after an intoxicated summer at Harvard for a friend that biked from Maine to come visit me and squat the Harvard campus. Bacardi Superior cuz we were always drunk. Can't Take Your Bike on the T before 10 AM because you can't- and that was almost our downfall.


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