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CD | Theme - Break Up
CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Theme - Romantic

Soundtrack of Personal Journal of An - Part 2 : Alternative/Rock

Artist Song Buy
Five for Fighting   Dying  buy on itunes
Evanesence  My Immortal  buy on itunes
Ash  Starcrossed  buy on itunes
Muse  Sing For Absolution  buy on itunes
Snow Patrol  Run  buy on itunes
Keane  Somewhere Only We Know  buy on itunes
Simple Plan  Perfect  buy on itunes
Jet   Look What You've Done  buy on itunes
Hoobastank  The Reason  buy on itunes
311  Love Song  buy on itunes


This is the soundtrack of my personal journal story. It was the day when I was so in love with this girl and end up with she trashed me up. The songs perfectly pictures all my feelings to the last teardrops. I've made 3 part CDs. The first CD contains song with RNB Genre, which she loves very much. This second part comes with Alternative/Rock songs which i love. The 3rd have mixed songs, mostly pop. I should be give this packages to her as present, but I've change my mind due to a very big fight we had and her sudden 'in-relationship' status with another guy. So I release this packages as soundtracks of my personal journal which cover the story behind's the songs. If you're Indonesian, just go to : and listen to the song while you read :)


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