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CD | Mixed Genre
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Artist Song Buy
Paul Roland  Requiem   buy on itunes
Alpha  Nyquil  buy on itunes
Steve Roach  Train of Thought  buy on itunes
Biosphere  Katedra Botanki  buy on itunes
United Future Organization  Pilgrims  buy on itunes
Eberhard Weber  French Diary  buy on itunes
Rob Ellis  Music for the Home
No. 8 - 2.10.02 
buy on itunes
Sun Ra  Looking Outward  buy on itunes
Dave Holland Quintet  Wonders Never Cease  buy on itunes
Derek Bailey/Pat Metheny
Greg Bendian/Paul Wertico 
Strange Story  buy on itunes
Dave Douglas/Louis Sclavis
Peggy Lee/Dylan Van 
Bow River Falls  buy on itunes
Quiet American  Gurgling irrigation cistern at 13,000',
Annapurna region, Nepal 
buy on itunes
Yvinek  Bliss  buy on itunes
K. K. Null  4:00-(from 'Atomik Disorder')  buy on itunes
Lockgroove  Secret Devices  buy on itunes
Lo  Yo Te Recuerdo [edit]  buy on itunes
Robert Wyatt  Te Recuerdo Amanda [edit]  buy on itunes


"To think is first of all to create a world (or to limit one's own world, which comes to the same thing)."

~Albert Camus (1913-1960), The Myth of Sisyphus

Sound Engineering/Aural Grafting: Jaheim & Arlo Foure
Art/Copy/Vision: Naiser & Waldrip Foure
Selections: Everyone!


Date: 11/28/2004
I like this a least the stuff I know...3, 4, 8 and 17 especially.
lo-fi jr.
Date: 11/28/2004
Excellent mix/cover as usual. Another kinder, gentler headfuck from the enigmatic 4.
Date: 11/29/2004
this is like a cross between a GAB labs and a Curtis Burns mix. Great territory. Nice cover, too!
Date: 12/1/2004
First and fouremost, a first-rate third of one-foureth of fouretification foure two ears...
foure real...

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