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Let It Rain

Artist Song Buy
Rain In Your Life  Essie Mae Brooks  buy on itunes
Let It Rain  Eric Clapton  buy on itunes
Rain On Tin  Sonic Youth  buy on itunes
Rain  Concrete Blonde  buy on itunes
Prayers For Rain  The Cure  buy on itunes
Rain Yr Hand  Rainer Maria  buy on itunes
Rain Ammunition  Pavement  buy on itunes
Rain Is Falling  Electric Light Orchestra  buy on itunes
Famous Blue Raincoat  Leonard Cohen  buy on itunes
Ocean Rain  Echo & the Bunnymen  buy on itunes
Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)  Ryan Adams  buy on itunes
A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall  Bob Dylan  buy on itunes
Make It Rain  Tom Waits  buy on itunes
Dry the Rain  The Beta Band  buy on itunes
Rain Song  Sunny Day Real Estate  buy on itunes
I Feel the Rain Fall  Red House Painters  buy on itunes
Rain  Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass  buy on itunes
I Wish It Would Rain  The Temptations  buy on itunes


A present for my boyfriends birthday. Whenever we get together to do something, whether it be to go camping, to go to the beach, or just walk to the door, it always seems to POUR. Thus rain has become our unofficial mascot. I know it's ecclectic, but so are our tastes.


Date: 12/15/2004
Oh, this is really well done. Very beautiful song choices. Love the Bob Dylan and Tom Waits choices.

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