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burning black, smoldering softly

Artist Song Buy
explosions in the sky  lonely train (friday night lights soundtrack)  buy on itunes
fleetwood mac  beautiful child  buy on itunes
iron & wine  such great heights (garden state soundtrack)  buy on itunes
john fahey  requiem for john hurt  buy on itunes
lali puna  faking the books  buy on itunes
low  cue the strings (the great destroyer)  buy on itunes
esters  byss and abyss  buy on itunes
tom petty  time to move on  buy on itunes
will oldham  let's start a family (japanese compilation)  buy on itunes
william elliott whitmore  does me no good  buy on itunes
beekeeper  wait til then  buy on itunes
david bowie and aphex twin  heros (violin remix)  buy on itunes
dianogah  they have monkeys like we have squirrels  buy on itunes
diana ross and the supremes  i hear a symphony  buy on itunes
fontanelle  niagra  buy on itunes



Date: 12/20/2004
Can't get groovier or prettier than Explosions in the Sky, Iron and Wine, and Lali Puna.

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