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Don't Tell The World What I Tell You Here

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Trespass  One Of These Days  buy on itunes
Axewitch  High Power  buy on itunes
Ace Lane  Jay  buy on itunes
Fast Kutz  Looking for Love  buy on itunes
Tygers of Pan Tang  Don't Touch Me There  buy on itunes
Quartz  Satan's Serenade  buy on itunes
Aragorn  Black Ice  buy on itunes
Seventh Son  Immortal Hours  buy on itunes
Wikkid Vikker  Black of the Night  buy on itunes
Mythra  Killer  buy on itunes
Witchfinder General   Love on Smack  buy on itunes
Soldier  Sheralee  buy on itunes
Diamond Head  Am I Evil  buy on itunes


I haven't been on here in awhile- computer problems made it difficult for me to post and make mixes. To celebrate my return I am posting a mix of some of my favourite NWOBHM songs. Is there really no metal catagory? That's crazy since metal is the best music ever...


Rob Conroy
Date: 12/21/2004
Although I know absolutely none of these (and seriously beg to differ with your assessment of metal as "the best music ever"), it's great to see you back.
p the swede
Date: 12/29/2004
well Can't say this is my fav genre of music but it's coll to have you back

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