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The day of my wedding.

Artist Song Buy
Norfolk and Western  A marriage proposal  buy on itunes
Iron & Wine  Fever Dream  buy on itunes
Dashboard Confessional   For you to notice  buy on itunes
Kind of like spitting  a shaggy dog shames his owner  buy on itunes
Beach Boys  God only knows  buy on itunes
Mum  K/half Noise  buy on itunes
The Dismemberment plan  automatic  buy on itunes
Jeff Buckley  Last goodbye  buy on itunes
Boards of canada  down chorus  buy on itunes
mirah  don't die in me  buy on itunes
Devendra Banhart  the body breaks  buy on itunes
Gravenhurst  fog round the figurehead  buy on itunes
Cat power  werewolf  buy on itunes
Coldplay  the scientist  buy on itunes
Devendra Banhart  autumns child  buy on itunes
Nada Surf  Fruit Fly  buy on itunes
Books  the true story of true love  buy on itunes
Sufjan Stevens  O Come O Come Emmanuel  buy on itunes
Novi Split  i'm leaving  buy on itunes
the black heart procession  Blue tears  buy on itunes


I had a dream that made me really sad. This is how it went.

It was my wedding day, and things were kind of mixed up. Nothing was prepared and I was getting married to this guy and he was no where to be found. So eventually, I get my dress on, we find the chapel, we kick out SOME band thats playing there and we put our music on. I go back outside the chapel and there are a whole bunch of people I don't assosiate with but know of from school. Anyways, my mom and dad go inside, and my dad comes back out and he leads me down the aisle. There's some weird like 2nd story altar so I go up there and I start reading off my vows or something but the guy is not here yet.
Finally he comes in with a not too shaby suite on and he stands there for a minute, I am crying but I am hysterically happy that its my wedding day. But then he gets down off the second story altar and says.
"No, wait. I can't do this. This was a game Meghan, I didn't mean to ACTUALLY get married. I mean I liked you but this is too soon."
or something along those lines.
I didn't say anything but I didn't think it was neccesary. I wasn't going to yell at him for not wanting to marry me. So everybody got mad at him and he slowly left but as he was leaving he was like "I'm sorry."

these songs make me think of it.


Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 1/11/2005
Yeow! and ouch ... got some good stuff here, though
French Connection
Date: 1/11/2005
Crikey, I'm pleased my dreams aren't as vivid as that! Ditto Sally re the mix.
Beef Goblin
Date: 1/11/2005
i dig a lot of the songs on this mix, very good choices from iron and wine and mirah. i especially love the mirah song. "werewolf" and "blue tears" are also wonderful picks as well. nice job.

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