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life and how to live it

Artist Song Buy
alanis morissette  eight easy steps  buy on itunes
ben lee  how to survive a broken heart  buy on itunes
wilco  how to fight loneliness  buy on itunes
paul kelly  how to make gravy  buy on itunes
elvis costello  how to be dumb  buy on itunes
elliott smith  how to take a fall  buy on itunes
magnetic fields  how to say goodbye  buy on itunes
radiohead  how to disappear completely  buy on itunes
snow patrol  how to be dead  buy on itunes
r.e.m.  life and how to live it  buy on itunes


life's little instruction book, abridged.


erase rewind
Date: 1/13/2005
that is such a cute idea! i really like this mix.
Date: 1/13/2005
Nice theme, I've been looking for that book!

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