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kiss me, i've got scurvy

Artist Song Buy
Disney  A Pirate's Life For Me  buy on itunes
Flogging Molly  Salty Dog  buy on itunes
Pirate Jenny  Damn Fine Sailor  buy on itunes
the Scurvy Pirates  Billy Cutlass  buy on itunes
Kevin Hendrickson  Pirate Party  buy on itunes
the Corsairs  Maggie May  buy on itunes
Sifl and Olly  Precious Roy's Pirate Crippler  buy on itunes
Pirate Jenny  Sensitive Guy  buy on itunes
Agent 51  Last Pirate Song  buy on itunes
Veggie Tales  Pirates Who Don't Do Anything  buy on itunes
Captain Tractor  Last Saskatchewan Pirate  buy on itunes
the Decemberists  Oceanside  buy on itunes
Flogging Molly  Cruel Mistress  buy on itunes
the Jolly Rogers  A Hundred Years Ago  buy on itunes
the Vandals  Pirate's Life  buy on itunes
Captain Bogg & Salty  Scurvy  buy on itunes
Tsunami Bomb  3 Days, 1000 Nights  buy on itunes
the Cure  Pirate Ships  buy on itunes
Gaelic Storm  Bonny Ship the Diamond/Tamlinn  buy on itunes


piratey songs, because why not. arrr, don't forget your limes.


Date: 1/17/2005
I think pirates are my most favourite thing in the world - great idea for a mix! You might want to consider Stephen Malkmus' "The Hook" as another great pirate song.
Date: 1/17/2005
Mark your calendar - International Pirate Day is celebrated on September 19th
Date: 1/17/2005
Six Months in a Leaky Boat - Split Enz
lipstick vogue
Date: 1/17/2005
I love a good pirate-themed mix! Flogging Molly's Seven Deadly Sins, and The Aquabats' "Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates" are would work as well. Savvy? (sorry, it was the only pirate word I could remember)

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