emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds.

Artist Song Buy
bright eyes  falling out of love at this volume  buy on itunes
beck  lost cause  buy on itunes
blink-182  i miss you  buy on itunes
blur  no distance left to run  buy on itunes
brand new  the boy who blocked his own shot  buy on itunes
belle and sebastian  get me away from here, i'm dying  buy on itunes
ben folds  still fighting it  buy on itunes
ben harper  walk away  buy on itunes
beach boys  disney girls  buy on itunes
ben folds five  evaporated  buy on itunes
blind melon  change  buy on itunes
bob dylan  times they are a-changing  buy on itunes
badly drawn boy  a minor incident  buy on itunes
billy bragg & wilco  california stars  buy on itunes
bob marley & the wailers  redemption song  buy on itunes
built to spill  car  buy on itunes
b-52's  roam  buy on itunes


a short journey from loss to freedom using only artists beginning with the letter B.


Date: 1/17/2005
sounds splendid.
lipstick vogue
Date: 1/17/2005
You not only use one of my desert island Ben Folds Five songs but also greats by Beck, Blind Melon, and Badly Drawn Boy! Sweet job!!
Date: 1/17/2005
There's a lot of good "B" music. This encapsulates a lot of it. Good show!
Date: 1/18/2005
This is excellent. hard pressed to find a track I don't enjoy.
Date: 1/18/2005
Bitter Fire
Date: 5/22/2005
Wow! Very impressive. And I love almost every song on the mix. Great taste and brilliant (haha, I used a b-word...yes I am a loser with out a sense of humor) brilliant lay out.

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