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CD | Theme - Depression
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CD | Electronic - Industrial

comatose delusion

Artist Song Buy
:wumpscut:  christfuck  buy on itunes
covenant  call the ships to port  buy on itunes
suicide commando  comatose delusion (overdose shot two)  buy on itunes
skinny puppy  worlock  buy on itunes
velvet acid christ  sex disease  buy on itunes
leaetherstrip  sex dwarf  buy on itunes
duke liquido  anticristianos  buy on itunes
fiendflung  meuschenjagd  buy on itunes
haujobb  noise institute  buy on itunes
front line assembly  body count  buy on itunes
combichrist  joy to the world  buy on itunes
vnv nation  dark angel (das ich apocalyptic mix)  buy on itunes
hocico  odio en el alma  buy on itunes
das ich  keimzeit  buy on itunes
:wumpscut:  wreath of barbs  buy on itunes


an introduction to ebm for a friend


Shane Brown
Date: 1/21/2005
This is an amazing mix! Nice job , also great version of dark angel - the original edit was a staple on many of my own mixes.
Date: 2/6/2005
beautiful mix. job well done.

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