My Earliest Surviving Mix Tape: Singles 1970-1975

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Neil Herbert  She's A Woman  buy on itunes
Geordie  Electric Lady  buy on itunes
Elvis Presley  Fool  buy on itunes
Kincade  Dreams Are Ten A-Penny  buy on itunes
Big John's Rock 'n Roll Circus  Rockin' In The USA  buy on itunes
The Kinks  Apeman  buy on itunes
Wiliam E  Me And You And A Dog Named Boo  buy on itunes
The Dealians  Time  buy on itunes
Chris Andrews  Pretty Belinda  buy on itunes
Dawn  Knock Three Times  buy on itunes
Daniel Boone  Beautiful Sunday  buy on itunes
Elvis Presley  Burning Love  buy on itunes
Alan Garrity  I Need Someone  buy on itunes
Jigsaw  Sky High  buy on itunes
Gallery  Nice To Be With You  buy on itunes
Side B
Daniel Boone  Sunshine Lover  buy on itunes
Dawn  Candida  buy on itunes
Chris Andrews  Carol OK  buy on itunes
The Dealians  All Of The Time Girl  buy on itunes
Tony Christie  Is This The Way To Amarillo  buy on itunes
Mike Curb Congregation  Burning Bridges (from Kelly's Heroes)  buy on itunes
Carly Simon  You're So Vain  buy on itunes
Dawn  Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree  buy on itunes
Chris Andrews  Brown Eyes  buy on itunes
Daniel Boone  Annabelle  buy on itunes
Middle Of The Road  Samson and Delilah  buy on itunes
Sweet  Alexander Graham Bell  buy on itunes
Mr Bloe  Groovin' With Mr Bloe  buy on itunes
Les Crane  Desiderata  buy on itunes
Chris Andrews  Yo-Yo  buy on itunes


I made this mix tape way back in December 1975 when I was DJ'ing at a dancing school! All these songs were recorded from seven singles released in the previous 5 years, hence the very clever title. I was 16 at the time and this tape was made to impress a girl, Astrid, about my cool pop tastes. This type of music was taboo amongst my friends, however! In their company we listened to Hendrix, Deep Purple, Yes, Bowie, Led Zep, Uriah Heep and such-like. This TDK tape still plays (and sounds fine) after 30 years! And I have almost all these songs on CD now.William E, The Dealians, Neil Herbert and Alan Garrity were big names in the South African bubblegum music scene at the time.


Date: 1/31/2005
great work, Brian. There are loads of tracks which bring back nice memories for me. In 1972 I was eight, but I remember most of these songs quite well.
Date: 2/22/2008

I am living in Janesville, WI, USA and am looking for this misic now for about 10 years.

Is there a chance that I can get this on CD or download it from somewhere?

Please let me know at

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