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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

The Jailer's Daughter

Artist Song Buy
...Trail of Dead  The Rest Will Follow  buy on itunes
Brazil  The Iconoclast  buy on itunes
Pretty Girls Make Graves  Liquid Courage  buy on itunes
Isis  In Fiction  buy on itunes
Aloha  All the Wars  buy on itunes
Dear Leader  Committing Fusion  buy on itunes
Ghengis Tron  Arms  buy on itunes
Walter Walter  Ask  buy on itunes
A Cricket in Times Square  Everything Known About Medicines  buy on itunes
The Violettes  Full Spectrum  buy on itunes
Mellowdrone  Worst Song Ever  buy on itunes
Spoon  1020 AM  buy on itunes
The Cars  Since You're Gone  buy on itunes
The Blue Hour  Floating Palace  buy on itunes
Monster Movie  Colder Days  buy on itunes
Ulrich Schnauss  Blumenthal  buy on itunes
I Am Kloot  Same Deep Water As Me  buy on itunes
Death Cab for Cutie  Title & Registration (original)  buy on itunes
The Exit  Soldier  buy on itunes


The story goes that St. Valentine, patron saint of lovers, was martyred by the Romans on February 14th, 269 AD. Supposedly, he left a note for the jailer's daughter who had come to be his friend. The note was signed "...From your Valentine..."


Date: 2/15/2005
funny, i heard that valentine, patron saint of boxers, had been tko'd seventh round and when asked about the routing responded: "Sorry i got you pregnant that night i was really drunk. -Valentine."

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