figure out the constellations: for natalie, vol. 1

Artist Song Buy
big star  ballad of el goodo  buy on itunes
the microphones  i felt your shape  buy on itunes
lou barlow  caterpillar girl  buy on itunes
the mountain goats  no children  buy on itunes
a.c. newman  most of us prizefighters  buy on itunes
mirah  advisorary committee  buy on itunes
neutral milk hotel  where you'll find me now  buy on itunes
john vanderslice  you were my fiji  buy on itunes
the replacements  androgynous  buy on itunes
camera obscura  books written for girls  buy on itunes
devendra banhart  rejoicing in the hands  buy on itunes
the dismemberment plan  time bomb  buy on itunes
pj harvey  the darker days of me & him  buy on itunes
nico  chelsea girls  buy on itunes
joanna newsom  sprout and the bean  buy on itunes
kasey chambers  barricades and brickwalls  buy on itunes
lorretta lynn  portland, oregon  buy on itunes
bjork  who is it?  buy on itunes
le tigre  tell you now  buy on itunes
stars  look up  buy on itunes


i made this mix for my friend natalie who is a mixmaster herself but she wanted some new music so i (hopefully) came to the rescue. she's really into blues and jazz but we can bond over our mutual love of the replacements. i met natalie when i was a freshman and she was a sophomore and she was wearing a cow suit. i believe that's all that needs to be said about our relationship. some of these transitions aren't so hot (natalie is a transition queen, i think that made me nervous) but the lorretta lynn-->bjork isn't as awful as one would suspect proving that both lorretta lynn and bjork are geniuses. volume one is rather slow but look out for volume two as it will most definitely be a booty shakin' good time (any tiny, white girl who knows all the lyrics to "shoop" by salt-n-pepa needs a booty shakin' mix). title comes from the mirah song.


Date: 2/13/2005
this is awesome! wow. wonderful opening track. :)
Date: 2/15/2005
Gorgeous. Btw this is French Connection via Gobi`s.

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