Someone, Somewhere in Summertime

Artist Song Buy
The Other Ones  Holiday  buy on itunes
Beagle Music LTD  Like Ice in the Sunshine  buy on itunes
Laid Back  Sunshine Reggae  buy on itunes
Banarama  Cruel Summer  buy on itunes
The Beach Boys  Kokomo  buy on itunes
Rupert Holmes  Escape (The Pina Colada Song)  buy on itunes
Kate Yanai  Summer Dreaming (Bacadi Dreaming)  buy on itunes
Wham!  Club Tropicana  buy on itunes
Duran Duran  Rio  buy on itunes
Desireless  Voyage, Voyage  buy on itunes
The Style Council  Long Hot Sommer  buy on itunes
Chicago  Saturday in the Park  buy on itunes
Squeeze  This Summer  buy on itunes
Don Henley  The Boys of Summer  buy on itunes
Martha & The Muffins  Echo Beach  buy on itunes
Simple Minds  Someone, Somewhere in Summertime  buy on itunes
The Motels  Suddenly Last Summer  buy on itunes
ELO  One Summer Dream  buy on itunes


I know it's not about time yet ;-) I've done these mixes a while back. There are so many summer songs, that could make a couple of mixes. This is a mostly 80s mix, and it's what you usually hear on mainstream radio (at least here in Germany). Two "oldie/classix" mixes will follow, the rest still has to be assorted!


Mike Eternity
Date: 2/27/2005
Whoa, I didn't realize you made more than one! '80s summer songs...what better music is there...honestly. Bless you

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