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Cassette | Theme - Depression

Anti-depression Mantras(song cycle)

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Daevid Allen  Dear Friends(Kraemer mixed version)  buy on itunes
Robert Wyatt  Yesterday Man  buy on itunes
Bevis Frond  Timothy's Powders  buy on itunes
Adrian Belew  This Is What I Believe In  buy on itunes
Nick Drake  River Man  buy on itunes
Kevin Ayers  Lady Rachel  buy on itunes
Sylvian/Fripp  Wave  buy on itunes
Nick Drake   Pink Moon  buy on itunes
Side B
Porcupine Tree  Piano Lessons  buy on itunes
Sylvian/Fripp  Brightness Falls  buy on itunes
Bevis Frond  Hole Song #2  buy on itunes
Adrian Belew  Big Blue Sun  buy on itunes
David Sylvian  Brilliant Trees  buy on itunes
Sylvian/Fripp  The First Day  buy on itunes


I did this mix as an uplifting device for a friend that felt down.It is meant to be a cycle of songs that flow (meditatively)from uplifting to slightly "down"(like life),and ends with a hopeful set of songs. I keep "Dear Friends" in my mind at times as a personal mantra when I feel down.
60 minute cassette...good for a CD-R too.


Date: 3/3/2005
This would certainly elevate my mood. Good stuff

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