i wish sometimes the mind were blind

Artist Song Buy
jay z  99 problems  buy on itunes
death from above 1979  little girl  buy on itunes
iggy and the stooges  shake appeal  buy on itunes
the saints  (i'm) stranded  buy on itunes
mission of burma  the enthusiast  buy on itunes
fugazi  do you like me?  buy on itunes
sonic youth  drunken butterfly  buy on itunes
big black  he's a whore  buy on itunes
black eyes  letter to raoul peck  buy on itunes
dismemberment plan  girl o'clock  buy on itunes
the pixies  isla de encanta  buy on itunes
...and you will know us by the trail of dead  homage  buy on itunes
rites of spring  persistent vision  buy on itunes
les savy fav  knowing how the world works  buy on itunes
pere ubu  on the surface  buy on itunes
bloc party  helicopter  buy on itunes
patrick wolf  the childcatcher  buy on itunes
peaches (featuring freedom)  rock 'n roll  buy on itunes
sleater-kinney  little mouth  buy on itunes
mcklusky  without msg i'm nothing  buy on itunes
les georges leningrad  sponsorship  buy on itunes
out hud  jgnxtc  buy on itunes
ministry  stigmata  buy on itunes


i don't know, this tape is weird. i kind of needed a pump up mix but it's not really a pump up mix. like a pump of mix to go make a record of feedback and nothing else. i'm not entirely sure why. all i know is that jay z song is the most fabulous song ever written. i only dabble in hip hop, i know very little, but i stand by my statement. also, rites of spring have some ridiculously emo lyrics. i know they hold "the first emo band" title or whatever and emo is a different construct in 1986 than it is now but jesus christ people. that didn't stop me from using a lyric for the title, albeit a grammatically incorrect one (i wish sometimes the mind was blind, not were blind, i think anyway. it would be extremely funny if i were wrong).


Date: 3/22/2005
like this mix a lot. great picks from jay-z, d-plan, pixies, bloc party and patrick wolf.

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