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Clues for Her

Artist Song Buy
King Missle  the boy who ate Lasagna and could jump over a church  buy on itunes
Mathew Sweet  Girlfriend  buy on itunes
Cheap Trick  I want you to want me  buy on itunes
Incubus   Miss You  buy on itunes
Jellyfish  No Matter What (Badfinger Cover Rare)  buy on itunes
Grant Lee Buffalo  Mockingbirds  buy on itunes
Cowboy Junkies  Sweet Jane  buy on itunes
Peter Gabriel  In Your Eyes  buy on itunes
Garbage  Milk  buy on itunes
Live  Turn My head  buy on itunes
The Cure  Lovesong  buy on itunes
Incubus   Stellar  buy on itunes
Siouxie and the Banshees  Face to Face  buy on itunes
Sheryl Crowe  Strong Enough  buy on itunes
Neil Young  Harvest Moon  buy on itunes
Foo Fighters  Everlong (acoustic)  buy on itunes
The Church  Milkyway Tonight  buy on itunes
Peter Murphy  I'll fall with your knife  buy on itunes
King Missle  the boy who ate Lasagna and could jump over a church..part 2  buy on itunes


Ok, what do ya expect as an answer when you give a cd with this blatant of a message on it....ok..the Peter Gabriel song should be the dead give away...if this CD doesn't say "BAM! hey I really like you an awful lot and want to have puppies with ya..." I don't know what does... If she doesn't get it...she must be deaf and blind. But least you have a CD of some pretty cool songs fro yourself, right?


Date: 1/22/2001
Very Hip! I think people should just give out mix tapes from now on when they like sommeone.
Date: 1/23/2001
awesome idea!!
chad lamasa1
Date: 1/23/2001
you'd be surprised how many tapes i've made for people telling them how i feel about them and they turn around and say oh i just thought they were a bunch of good songs. it makes you want to rip your heart out and say never mind. i wish you luck though. i have had the desired result as well and that is a great feeling when the other person catches on and realizes how much you like them and appreciates all the time and effort you put into telling them that.
Date: 1/24/2001
great ideas, thanks,
jen chewtoyheart
Date: 1/26/2001
keep in mind, mixes can always be used as emotional warfare if you're rejected but she still wants to be friends... heh, i've used that trick a few times. & then i've just batted my eyelashes. smiled perrty, & given it to her. they only PRETEND they don't get the mixtape mention. but hopefully you won't have to use my tactic... good luck with the girl!
Date: 1/26/2001
hey, I oughta try this tactic with the boy I'm chasing... instead of stalking his ass constantly I should just give him 17 songs that're sure to give him the message. I think his hearing something sappy and drippy like Britney Spears' 'You've Got It All' or even a less gooey song like Weezer's 'El Scorcho' should say to him, "hey Zak, I'm really into you and willing to break up with my boy for you, you dope. why else would I spend Saturdays at my former workplace? for the memories?" ahem. not that I'm -bitter- ;) but that's seriously a good idea, I never thought of doing it.
Date: 7/4/2001
quite well put together... i love incubus's 'i miss you'. many of these selections are fabulously chosen. king missile owns.

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