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The Beatles  I've Just Seen a Face  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)  buy on itunes
The Beatles  In My Life  buy on itunes
The Beatles  I'm Looking Through You  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Girl  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Tomorrow Never Knows  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Paperback Writer  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Rain  buy on itunes
The Beatles  And Your Bird Can Sing  buy on itunes
The Beatles  I'm Only Sleeping  buy on itunes
The Beatles  For No One  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Here, There and Everywhere  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Strawberry Fields Forever  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Penny Lane  buy on itunes
The Beatles  A Day in the Life  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Lovely Rita  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Across the Universe [Anthology 2]  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Hey Bulldog  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Blackbird [Anthology 3]  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Cry Baby Cry  buy on itunes
The Beatles  While My Guitar Gently Weeps (take 1) [Another Sessions]  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Dear Prudence  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Long Long Long  buy on itunes
The Beatles  I'm So Tired  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Why Don't We Do It in the Road?  buy on itunes
The Beatles  I've Got a Feeling  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Something  buy on itunes
The Beatles  Oh! Darling  buy on itunes


The best 80 (formerly 74) minutes of music that will ever be assembled. Period. (For the record, "Something" was not on the 74-minute version of this mix, so James was *not* hallucinating when he submitted his feedback.) (Note #2: This mix was revised again on 8/7/02.) As a last comment, I wanted to mention something about "While My Guitar...": in its released studio version, the song would not even make volume four of this series; this original version, however, is one of my favorite "Beatles" recordings of all-time.


Allen D
Date: 2/10/2001
Joe C.
Date: 5/24/2001
That's pretty damned hard to argue. I will fight any man who says the Beatles are not the greatest rock & roll band of all time!
James Russell
Date: 6/24/2001
The choice of the Anthology version of "Across The Universe" is inspired. I'm slightly troubled by the absence of "Something", though...
Date: 6/26/2001
Definite Lennon bias, especially with the focus on mid-period Beatles, but I've got the same prejudices. Not a song I'd change. Glad I see the other volumes, though. I'd worry about your sanity otherwise.
Rob Conroy
Date: 6/27/2001
I guess I could see where you would say that I have a "Lennon bias", but it's not the case--McCartney is definitely my favorite Beatle. In many cases with the songs above, the thing I like best about them is his contribution to either the song or recording...
Date: 1/8/2002
i think i'd like to settle down with this mix, should it come into being as a human by some fantastic stroke of luck. i couldn't wish for a mix to make me happier.
Perhaps it would be more fitting to say it's the best band that could ever have an 80 minute mix, rather than the best 80 minutes of music that will ever be assembled. For as you might have guessed, my track listing would be very different. :-) This is something I've wanted to try for a long time, but I don't think I could narrow it down to one disc. You had a lot of great, great choices though. Almost any Beatles song is a classic.
Rob Conroy
Date: 8/5/2002
I didn't narrow it to one disc. And to *me*, it's the best 80 minutes of music ever assembled... I didn't misspeak. ;-)
A-ha! :-) Hey, I noticed you have an interesting "strategerie" (to quote Will Ferrell as George W. Bush) for these mixes...having one volume go all the way chronologically through the artist's career, then having another volume do the same, as opposed to having a multi-volume set that goes chrono throughout. I suppose that makes it easier to compile though.
Rob Conroy
Date: 8/6/2002
Well, I want each disc to stand on its own, even if other volumes follow. So the first volume is my favorite 80 minutes, the second is my second-favorite 80 minutes, and so on...
Good idea. I might have to give that a whack.
Scott K
Date: 8/8/2002
Still an amazing comp. Do you really hate Clapton so much that his presence has completely ruined the "White Album" version of "...Guitar...Weeps" for you?
I never understood the apparent consensus that take 1 is the definitive version of WMGGW. I heard take 1 several years before the Anthologies came out, and while I do *love* it, I prefer the raw power of the studio take...the tasteful piano parts...the warbly organ...the awesome guitar work. Ah each his own. On another note, I wish they wouldn't have edited the end of WMGGW for Anthology 3.
Wow. With the edits you've made, you've pretty much got all my main favorites on this first volume ('cept for "It's Only Love"). And "Face" is a much better opener than "Yes It Is." Very well done Rob.
Well, I have tried and tried for months, Rob, but I just can't do it...I can't come up with the "best 80 minutes" of the Beatles. I find it physically impossible. My first volume would have to be two discs (at least...LOL!).
Rob Conroy
Date: 5/9/2003
Hey, just so you know, I wish this series could be *two* discs--one double-length disc that incorporates the first two, and one double-length disc that incorporates the third and fourth. :-) That's kind of how I look at them.
Date: 6/23/2004
Ahhh, this is the closest thing to paradise, despite the fact that there are a few too many Paul songs for my taste. Luckily they are the ones i like. A lot of my favorites are missing, like 'Don't Let Me Down' & 'Baby You're a Rich Man' and 'Dig A Pony'. But let's face it, any Beatles mix is better than just about everything else in existence. I'm so glad you included Hey Bulldog & Rain. Ringo's drumming in that song is so amazing.

Pop Kulcher
Date: 2/23/2006
I concur that the Beatles are the greatest thing that ever happened to rock & roll, and however much I will extoll the virtues of Big Star, the Who, the Velvets, the Clash, R.E.M., the Kinks, the Byrds, the Stones... well, they're all just runners up. Maybe for that reason I've never even attempted a Beatles single artist mix. Maybe I should reconsider... as mine would look quite different. While you hit some of my faves here (TNK, Rain, Bird, Strawberry Fields, Day In The Life), many of my favorites are missing... most notably the last 2/3 of Abbey Road side 2, for my money the finest 20 minutes of music ever recorded.
Just thinking off the cuff, my own mix would have to include (in addition to the songs noted above): She Said She Said; Hello Goodbye; It's All Too Much (George's finest Beatles song); Revolution; You Never Give Me Your Money; She Came In Through The Bathroom Window/Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End; I've Got A Feeling; and Hey Jude.

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