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Your Assymetrical Haircut Is Making Me Hot.

Artist Song Buy
devo  uncontrollable urge  buy on itunes
oingo boingo  violent love  buy on itunes
lcd soundsystem  thrills  buy on itunes
les savy fav  we'll make a lover of you  buy on itunes
hot hot heat  talk to me, dance with me  buy on itunes
the killers  midnight show  buy on itunes
le tigre  i'm so excited  buy on itunes
franz ferdinand  darts of pleasure  buy on itunes
soft cell  sex dwarf  buy on itunes
!!!  intensify  buy on itunes
enon  tilt you up!  buy on itunes
avenue d  do i look like a slut?  buy on itunes
the faint  worked up so sexual (pole mix)  buy on itunes
fischerspooner  just let go  buy on itunes
dirty sanchez  fucking on the dance floor  buy on itunes
gay pimp  electroboi  buy on itunes
peaches  fuck the pain away  buy on itunes
eileen rodgers, hal linden  let's misbehave  buy on itunes


1. i don't know if "dance/house" is the correct category. "electronic" might be good for its electroclash content, or maybe "indie rock" for its indie stuff. i don't know.
2. but it IS a dance mix.
anyway, i wanted to make a dance mix of sexy sexy dance songs. not ALL the songs have pervy lyrics, but it's kinda a recurring theme that climaxes at the end and such. and then i put in like 10 seconds of silence before "let's misbehave" comes on...and that one's not on the label, it's just on there as a little surprise/joke thing.


Date: 4/23/2005
this is totally awesome. i think i'm gonna have to download some of these!
Date: 4/24/2005
the le tigre cover is amazing! i heart le tigre!
Date: 4/24/2005
You chose the right category. The site has to be a little generic. The latest wave of indie dance pop is a little toughto categorize. But if it sounds good, mix it!
Date: 4/25/2005
oh lord, not only is this mix fantastic but the title had me laughing out loud for like five minutes. my roommate so doesn't get it. awesome job.

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