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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Sleep
CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Theme - Sleep

Epics, Vol. 1

Artist Song Buy
KING CRIMSON  Starless (12:18)  buy on itunes
PINK FLOYD  Echoes (edited version - 16:30)  buy on itunes
TOOL  Lateralus (9:24)  buy on itunes
MASTODON  Hearts Alive (13:39)  buy on itunes
METALLICA  To Live Is To Die (9:48)  buy on itunes
NEU!  Hallogallo (10:07)  buy on itunes
PORCUPINE TREE  Gravity Eyelids (7:56)  buy on itunes


First in a series of mix CDs containing really, really long songs. These seven tracks fill 79 minutes.


Date: 5/12/2005
Cool listening experience - if you take the time for it.

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