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Third Time Is a Charm

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Liz Phair  Dance of Seven Veils  buy on itunes
Natalie Imbruglia  Torn   buy on itunes
Alanis Morissette  You Oughta Know   buy on itunes
No Doubt  Happy Now  buy on itunes
The Donnas  Not the One   buy on itunes
No Doubt  Ex-Girlfriend   buy on itunes
Garbage  Not My Idea   buy on itunes
Fiona Apple  Sleep to Dream   buy on itunes
Liz Phair  The Divorce Song  buy on itunes
Side B
Brand New  Okay, I Believe You but my Tommy Gun Don't  buy on itunes
Hometown Hero  Twelve Ounce  buy on itunes
Funeral For a Friend  Storytelling   buy on itunes
My Chemical Romance  I'm Not Okay (I Promise)   buy on itunes
My Ruin featuring Jessika of Jack Off Jill  Miss Ann Thropy  buy on itunes
Kittie  Jonny   buy on itunes
From Autumn to Ashes  Take Her to the Music Store   buy on itunes
Otep  Blood Pig  buy on itunes


After three break ups, I'd had enough of Jonny and made a very angry mix that helped me to vent my frustrations. Thus the title, Third Time is a Charm. The first side is the typically, girly-vocals heartbreak songs (note the generic "Torn") but side B I wanted to get some of my more intense music. All together a very angry and bitter tape. With an epilogue, Jonny and I started dating again after I made the tape


The Nightcrawler
Date: 5/22/2005
Hey, "Torn" was a good song from a solid album. It just happened to get picked up by the Top 40 stations and get played to death.
Bitter Fire
Date: 5/22/2005
All right I take back any insults about Torn. I'm just saying that it's like You Oughta Know. I love the songs, but they're almost anticipated on a girl's mix tape so don't do much in the way of originality. I critique my own work, even though I love love love this tape.
Date: 5/24/2005
cool, I really like the look of side 2, love a good 'mad as hell' mix!

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